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Morgan Stanley downgrades Chinese e-commerce stock on weak demand

In 2021, total payment volume on Mercado Pago topped $75 billion, while GMV on the marketplace was about $30 billion. MercadoLibre is growing rapidly, with profitability increasing and revenue up 74% to $7.1 billion in 2021. The company has continued to deliver brisk growth in 2022, avoiding the slowdown that has hit U.S. e-commerce companies. Like other e-commerce stocks, Etsy’s business skyrocketed during the pandemic, with sales more than doubling as shoppers and would-be entrepreneurs both turned to online channels to buy products and make money.

As a high return on invested capital business, any step-up in growth results in considerable shareholder value creation. E-commerce stocks offer a lot of upside potential for investors, but they come with review the only investment guide you’ll ever need risks. Many e-commerce companies aren’t profitable, and even the ones that are profitable generally have only minimal profits. The hangover in the sector from the pandemic recovery also adds to the risks.

Use available customer data to launch upselling initiatives that maximize profits on the average transaction. Thoroughly review current business workflows to see if any redundancies can be eliminated to improve productivity and save costs. While CFOs may see the value in tech investments, the budget sometimes simply isn’t there. The result is improved resource allocation, fewer risks and greater growth potential.

However, Alibaba has a huge Chinese market share, and it’s very possible they could bounce back from these setbacks. However, Alibaba’s businesses continue to generate huge revenue numbers and are a crucial part of the Chinese economy. Many consumers like it because it allows you to pay online without giving individual businesses your credit card information.


“Etsy continued to be a top contributor in the Portfolio during the first quarter. Throughout the beginning of this year, the business has continued to see accelerated growth trends. The company’s recently announced fourth quarter results provided numerous data points that highlight Etsy’s success in both broadening and deepening the relationship it has with buyers and sellers on its platform.

  • They are one of the top e-Commerce and fintech stocks to keep an eye on this year.
  • Shopify shares are steadily climbing, with a 43% increase in share price over the last year.
  • In this article, we will be looking at the 12 best ecommerce stocks to invest in.
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It’s helpful to create a watchlist of stocks and ETFs in the e-commerce sector and get used to the theme. On the Public app, you can start with any stocks and ETFs that interest you, marking them as favorites without investing and keeping an eye on them as part of your daily or weekly routine. Besides online retail stores, in the past decade, many restaurants and coffee shops, such as Starbucks and Chiptole, also shifted their focus to online ordering and delivery.

The e-commerce stock also says it’s working on technology to accept payments by scanning in QR codes. PayPal says it has nearly doubled active accounts in the last five years, adding 143 million to finish 2019 with 305 million active accounts. «Our aspiration is to have a billion people on our platform,» CEO Dan Schulman said at an investors’ conference earlier this year. In 2019, it bought Indian e-commerce alpari review company Flipkart for $16 billion. While that should weigh on WMT’s earnings during the current fiscal year, Jefferies analyst Christopher Mandeville believes the long-term payoff will be «significant.» The e-commerce stock really picked up steam in mid-April, as Chief Technology Officer Jean-Michel Lemieux bragged on Twitter that SHOP was handling traffic comparable to Black Friday shopping on a daily basis.

Should You Invest In e-Commerce Stocks?

Its active seller base jumped 72% to 7.5 million in 2021, showing it has a fast-growing global base of artisan-entrepreneurs, which helps attract more shoppers through network effects. Retail sales in the U.S. total more than $5 trillion a year ($6 trillion when you include restaurants). Interestingly, less than 10% of all retail sales take place online, meaning that the e-commerce market today is worth about $500 billion to $600 billion.

Stocks Charlie Munger Believes Can Survive These Economic Headwinds

Etsy allows members to set up their own ‘shops’ to sell handmade and vintage items. The company has played an important part in allowing consumer-to-consumer transactions to continue throughout the pandemic and beyond. Online shopping is not only convenient, but it also gives consumers a broader range of items to choose from.

Shopify, five years from now

MELI currently boasts the largest e-commerce and payment platform in Latin America, working in 18 countries. The majority of its money comes from transaction fees on its online marketplaces, but 30% of its revenues comes from payments, and another 10% comes from classified ads. Most e-commerce stocks fell sharply in late 2021 and 2022 as growth rates slowed after lapping the start of the pandemic and as market sentiment shifted away from growth stocks in anticipation of rising interest rates. However, the decline means it could be a great time to get exposure to this sector since many of these stocks are trading at a discount from their historical valuations.

Analysts haven’t been terribly active in the name of late, but it has garnered three Buys versus one Hold over the past month. A double-digit pullback from peak prices, however, makes shares a little more attractive from a valuation basis. If you’re a pet owner, chances are you’ve been spending lots of quality time with your furry family member.

By pairing their financial expertise with their role as strategic partners, CFOs can work closely with other C-suite leaders to establish a resilient financial strategy by way of new tech investments. With these investments, businesses will have the infrastructure to weather any economic storm that passes through. Over the course of a decade, it’s estimated that the average company can lose almost half a year’s profits as a result of supply chain disruptions. Integrating supply chain technologies can create a more efficient infrastructure that is better able to respond to these costly disruptions. Real-time visibility of the entire supply chain allows you to act faster, while demand and forecasting tools help you predict and stock inventory needs.

As economies start to look beyond the pandemic, it is possible that consumers will return to physical stores once more. China is at the forefront of social shopping, with 22% of e-commerce sales going through these platforms, compared to 1% in the USA. The current market leader is Pinduoduo, whose game-like social interface offers customers the chance to buy through the WeChat messaging app. It’s an e-commerce payment processor whose services have become increasingly important as more consumers spend digitally. PayPal’s primary service links its accounts to users’ banks accounts, and provides an often seamless alternative to using a credit card for making purchases on dozens of online platforms. While the e-commerce platform provider was all the rage in 2020 and 2021 when the pandemic sent the world online to do most of its shopping, that swell of growth was a tough act to follow.

Buying slices of shares in different companies can enable portfolio diversification, and potentially lower your risk exposure to one single stock. In other words, instead of having all your money tied up with one share of a pricey stock, you can now buy slices of one share in multiple stocks. Buying slices of shares in different stocks could help diversify your investments and potentially reduce your risk.

And it has lots of room to grow as the adoption of its surgical systems and the number of supported procedures increase over time. This is particularly true in many international markets, where the implementation of robot-assisted surgery could be a long-tailed growth catalyst for this excellent business for decades to come. E-commerce is still in the relatively pepperstone forex early stages, making up slightly more than 15% of retail sales in the United States. Shopify has the No. 2 share, giving it a powerful ecosystem with network effect advantages over competitors. Pinterest is a place where people go to find things they might want to buy, and it hired e-commerce veteran Bill Ready as its CEO in 2022 to accelerate its pivot.

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